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IIHF World Junior Championships 2019
Branding – July 2018

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Celebrating Junior Ice Hockey

Whilst working at CSM Live alongside Sam Cook, Senior Creative, and Richie Wise, fellow Creative Director, the team and I were tasked with developing an event brand for the 2019 IIHF World Junior Championships in Vancouver and Victoria, Canada.

The brief was to create a contemporary event look that reflected 'Canadiana', and the competition's governing body, the IIHF. 

Canada, Vancouver & Victoria

The IIHF provided us with a logo that had already been produced for early promotional materials, so it made sense for us to use the supplied logo as inspiration to produce an aspirational key visual.

One vital requirement of the event identity was flexible wordmarks. These needed to communicate the host country and both host cities. Inspired by vintage looking tourism posters, we developed two bespoke fonts that were used across all competition collateral, all-in-all giving an identifiable and unique Championship identity.  

Both major printing businesses, Kube and SPM had both noticed people were shifting from relying on printed literature to developing websites. This became an opportunity for the merged business to represent how precious print can be. The new name, therefore, became a portmanteau of the word 'font', and the word 'maintain', exclaiming that print will live on.   

A contemporary mix of Canadiana and the IIHF brand with custom fonts inspired by tourist posters.  

A strong & confident identity that steers clear of the cliches typically used by other printers. 

The IIHF was so pleased with the event brand it inspired the women's competition. 

The new brand & identity reinvigorated the business and has made for a confident social media presence.

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